Paying It Forward

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 13 - 2009

Last night Jess and I decided to go to Chilis for a special dinner together (yes…Chilis does mean “special” to us). We had been there for about an hour and had just finished our meal when one of the servers picked up our tab and debit card to pay. She quickly returned after going into the kitchen and told us that our bill had been paid for.

Excuse me?random-acts-of-kindness

We thought it must have been a mistake for sure. Someone must have paid the wrong bill. The receipts got mixed up. Something.

But she insistently said that there was no confusion…someone had actually paid for our dinner anonymously. She knew who it was, but promised to the table that paid that she wouldn’t tell us who it was.

Looking around in astonishment, there was no one that we knew. No friends or family being cute. Just a gracious act of pure kindness from complete strangers.

Jess and I think that it may have something to do with the fact that I was recently cut from my job at Cornerstone because of budget cuts (see A New Day post). We saw a van outside with a Cornerstone sticker on it. But who really knows.

God is simply continuing to expose us to His faithfulness and providence. Even in the midst of hard seasons and huge transition, He is steadfast in His love for us and His promise of a future for us.

Even in small things like a free dinner. That’s just how He rolls.

Jess and I are having fun trying to come up with a great idea on how to give that generosity back…

Have you ever been given something that meant a lot to you by an anonymous giver? Did you find a way to extend that same grace to someone else in need?

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  1. ryan guard says:

    Dude it looks great!

    • Yake says:

      welcome back!!love all of these cards. the butterfly one is goeurogs. the image of the man on the pier is stunning. fab male card. perfect for all kinds of occasions. love the bear and the flower. fab colours them all x

  2. Alex Evjen says:

    That's so awesome! It's also funny because weren't we just talking about that at small group during our last study?! =)

  3. dude…love that…doesn't matter who it was or when it happens. nothing but good comes from stories like this and now it's your turn and mine! :)

    new blog is cool too!

    • Brett says:

      Someone gave this tape to me at a party in a bowling alley in ‘96 or ‘97. It sonuedd very different from what I was hearing at raves at the time like an ancient alien artifact. I knew that I was listening to the heartbeat of a secret breakbeat civilization that lay buried beneath my world of candyravers and progressive house.I played it over and over until I lent it out and it never came back, and I spent the next 14 years searching for it. Thank you immensely for finding and posting this.I think Side X was subtitled Memories at the Wall and Side E was So Happy I Could Cry .

    • Fhris says:

      Congrats Heaney! What an awesome prize. Helen…I too have been crazy busy with “life”. I love your hotesny and your sincerity in your blog. I haven’t visited a blog in a few months and yours was the first I came too. Sometimes we just need to take some time to breathe. Your doing such a wonderful thing for your kids and your whole family. Keep the faith and hang in there!

  4. Dave Smiley says:

    Cool story – great to hear how God is loving you…

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