Posted by Jaydubbs On January - 21 - 2010

I have been given two fantastic and very unique different opportunities since my family and I began our search for a new church community and/or job.

downtownphx02seattle-skyline-with-space-needleOne of the opportunities is a leadership role that we know very well. We know the community. We know most of the leadership. We love the ministry that is and has been happening there for a long time. It’s here in the Phoenix area so it would keep us near family and little Cruz near his grandmas and aunts who adore him. It would allow for great freedom to be able to network and involve myself with helping other leaders and ministries create great worship experiences. And that is a very important value to me.

On the other hand, we have this other opportunity that is full of the unknown. It is uncertain, yet possibly full of adventure as well. It has the potential to open me up to new levels of leadership and influence that I’ve yet to navigate. Full of great biblical teaching and possible mentorship, the opportunity would be a definite growth experience. The role is at a community that has been around for over 100 years so there is maturity and wisdom. It is away from family, 1485 miles to be exact (give or take a couple feet or so), in the heart of Seattle. Full of green and water and texture and beauty.

They both, in the heart of our hearts, sound truly fantastic and Jess and I are extremely blessed to have the choice. But, there is a choice.

And we are praying. And considering. And processing. I am confident that God will be honored with either decision, but the husband and father in me wishes and hopes to make the “right” decision.

Would you please pray alongside us in this moment of decision for us? We are charging headlong into the crossroads and it would be nice to know there are people walking with us.

Much love.

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  1. Alex Evjen says:

    Praying! I have to say…The skyline of Seattle alone makes me excited for your visit and causes me to wonder if you may fit better in more of an urban setting. ;)

    • Jaydubbs says:

      Thanks Alex! That skyline is very much indeed tempting, haha. But I'm trying to not put TOO much stock in the appearance of each city because the choice would be pretty lopsided. :)

      • Aasmi says:

        Katie, I am so happy for you. I am sending a liltte package for your birthday, I hope that you will find the humor in it as I did when I saw it. I immediatley thought of us in HS. Kathy

      • Chuoi says:

        JJ re. your earlier post used to know ohters who loved the English Sunday Times? cryptic just too diabolical for me only have eyes for DA these days.I agree, love his wit, colloquial refs etc, even if he does lead me up,down and around the garden path at times.Fave this week was 9A, once I realised what Gowings’ referred to.Most frustrating was 20A was convinced answer was definately’ an Aust. or British ex-PM thanks to ohters here as well who clarified certain points of contention this week.

      • Thiru says:

        Hi Sam, I have just really eoyjned looking at the site and also watching your videos. It is my first time ever growing an Atlantic Giant pumpkin and I must say I feel this obsession is getting crazy and I might be addicted. I have got a pumpkin about the size of a volley ball so I am pretty stoked I am aiming for the RD1 competion I am from Feilding and I will be taking it there on 17th March so I am hoping this pumpkin gets it a into g. Anyways, good site and do keep updating its good to see what is happening with your pumpkins. I am especially wondering what I should do with mu wine and where on earth I should prune it as I have done none of this.

  2. Brent Chavez says:

    Man, both of those seem like really cool offers, Jason. It would be hard for me to pick up and move away from the nearness of family, but on the same token if you were to make the move, it's probably the best time to do it while your family is still young and easier to uproot. Whatever you guys decide, I pray that God's blessings follow you there, and that you, your wife and your little boy would do great things for the Kingdom there!

  3. ryan guard says:

    I'm praying huge biased prayers.

  4. Sheri Williams says:

    I am with you Ryan…..

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