No Religion = Happiness?

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 23 - 2009

What do you make of this video?

It’s a clip of Oprah in Denmark talking to a group of Danish women during a episode which claimed that Denmark was the happiest place to live on earth. (Sorry Disney)

One of the Danish women makes a remark about how surprised she was that despite being the happiest people, Danes are considered one of the least religious people in the world.

Check out the video real quick, it’s only a minute long. What are your thoughts on what the women are saying about how they are happy despite not being “religious”?

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  1. ryan guard says:

    Those women said nothing. They talked for 56 seconds, but they said nothing. The only reason that clip exists is because Oprah is in it. What they should have said is that there is a certain amount of joy found in depravity. There’s a sense of peace that comes with emptiness- I’ve felt it. When THIS is all there is, you can be fat and happy because nothing matters!

    I’ve been wondering lately what I would do if everything I believed about the world was proved wrong. Hmm…

  2. amberrose says:

    The part I’m most concerned about, is when one of the women say,
    “I believe in humanity.”
    When humanity is our god, we have no truth, no moral absolutes..
    If I know something is wrong, say murder, but yet another human might disgree..are they right?
    I mean are we not all part of humanity?

  3. I can sit here and say— as I dated a "pure bread" Danish man– we lived in Denver at the time– and few years prior, my ex had thrown Jesus harshly in my face– I gave it a try… and he cheated on me during it all. But I still got a glimpse. I would listen to friends who were Christ followers outside of any church. Then when my friend— boyfriend then, by the name of Christian and I moved to Denver— we got into the normal dating conversation that has to come up— what do you believe in?? And he flat out, I think with saliva spraying everywhere– said he, his family, and all his friends in Denmark are atheists. That the only reason that people in Denmark go to church, is for the tax credit for "giving." And drink and forget if not during, then after. Now, do I believe that– not completely. How can one be THAT atheist– if it doesn't bother him??? But it is one tough country– drink- move onto other countries– or follow the parental footsteps. I fortunately know a group in England- strong in Christian faith-that go out there ever couple months to share the Gospel. And Chris comes back with amazing stories. We need to get to them– more– before all the mormons that have continue. As for my friend Christian– I just don't know….. Blessings Jason… and thank you! ~Heather Siebens @AliveinMe

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  5. Selma says:

    Children and fools tell the truth.

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