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The Monday Mojo – Easter Songs

Posted by Jaydubbs On March - 22 - 2010

Jesus conquered the cross.

He defeated death.

Light overtook darkness.

Love won in the end.

If you’re facilitating or leading worship for this upcoming Easter celebration at your respective communities…what songs will you be singing to help communicate these truths?

Here’s some new (and not so new) ones that I’m thinking of….check em:

The Monday Mojo – Loops In Worship

Posted by Jaydubbs On March - 8 - 2010

The Monday Mojo is a weekly posting of great resources for worship leaders. You’ll find anything from album highlights and releases, introspective articles on worship and the church, helpful media, tips on instrumentation and sound, sites and applications to boost the organization & structure of your respective teams, even simple words of encouragement. Click the Monday Mojo category above or come back every Monday to stay in tune with the mojo… -Jaydubbs

The Mojo for this week is another great resource for all of you worship leaders incorporating some form of electronic music programming into your music sets. For quite a while now, there was not a whole lot of really good sites or places where you could locate usable loops or tracks to use during leading worship. For a season there was Sacred Loops, but that site seems to be getting less and less contributors…and it was a little hodge podge at times as well. Bwack’s Forum can be a cool place to discuss methods of programming and talk gear with other forum members, even directly from David Crowder Band dudes. But even there, it’s a bit difficult to hunt down great programmed tracks or sounds that people are sharing.

So when I ran across Loops In Worship, I was pleasantly surprised.  liwlogo

Finally, there was a resource and well laid out website where you could easily find loops and program sounds that are actually really good, and with the distinct purpose for use in a worship music setting. Granted, you won’t find really any “tracks” for actual songs that have been created like you might in Sacred Loops or Bwacks Forum. But you will find useful sounds that you can use to easily build your own tracks inside a program like Ableton Live, Reason, or Garageband in a short time.

All the sounds you will find at Loops In Worship come with a small charge, usually less than $20 for a large package of them, but you know what they always say…”you pay for what you get”. And that doesn’t change here. You pay a little, but again you get some great sounds that will go a long way to build another layer into your sound.



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