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The Monday Mojo – “We’re All In This Together”

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 26 - 2009

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On November 4th, in theaters all over the country, Hillsong United will be screening their much anticipated documentary regarding worship and justice, “We Are All In This Together”. For this one night only, there will be a special intro from Joel Houston of United, followed by a live time of worship from the United team at their church in Sydney, concluded by the release of the new film.

You can see previews, get info on the screenings and tickets, and other details here.

I think this could be an amazing, resourceful event for your respective worship teams, bands, even church staff. The United peeps have been living out the relationship between worship and justice in the world in huge ways over the past couple years.

Are you going?

No Religion = Happiness?

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 23 - 2009

What do you make of this video?

It’s a clip of Oprah in Denmark talking to a group of Danish women during a episode which claimed that Denmark was the happiest place to live on earth. (Sorry Disney)

One of the Danish women makes a remark about how surprised she was that despite being the happiest people, Danes are considered one of the least religious people in the world.

Check out the video real quick, it’s only a minute long. What are your thoughts on what the women are saying about how they are happy despite not being “religious”?

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know…

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 22 - 2009

Picture 1

This is the word that keeps resonating in my brain of late. The truth that God’s providence is faithful, everlasting, definite, and present in my (our) lives is what I am holding onto in this current season.

You see, in the light of the current situation of not having a job, normally I and my wife Jessica would be freaking out.

A few months ago, we were simply trying to figure out how to pay the necessary bills. So this whole job thing, from the outside looking in is scary.

But Jess and I have come to realize that we are not on the outside. Indeed we have been shown the great providence of God in our lives when it doesn’t seem like it would ever really work out on paper.

After losing my job as an assistant worship director at our home church because of budget cutbacks, God began to pave the way into what could only be described as the theme of this post. Providence. I’ve had such huge support from friends, family and other worship leaders from around the valley and even out of state that have offered up encouragement, prayer, and even new opportunities. It really has been incredible.

And I really feel like this season of fruitfulness, growth, and holding firm to God’s promises is only the beginning. It took God kicking my butt out of my comfort, but I am so excited about where He is leading us.

Holding on to the journey. Holding onto His providence…

Halogen TV

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 16 - 2009


With television and media these days spilling over at the brim with anything and everything “reality” based, I have to say that I am very interested and excited to see what the new Halogen TV network will be offering.

The new project that is launching in about 9 days, describes their platform as “a socially conscious television network and website that empowers it’s viewers to make positive changes in the world around them”.

They have a show guide on their site including programs like the documentary-esque “Tainted Love” poised at helping expose the darkness of the sex trafficking underworld.

The other programming looks pretty sweet as well. There is definitely a faith-based subtlety to the vision of the small company. (Their Halogen Field Guide, has great quotes from A.W. Tozer and N.T. Wright)

You can visit the Halogen site here. Check it out and let me know what you think. Will it be successful?

Three Musketeers

Posted by Jaydubbs On October - 14 - 2009

For the past 2+ years I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside two amazing guys, Brian Wurzell and Ryan Axtell. We were the three worship leaders across the Cornerstone campus and we really knew how to work well with each other and take care of one another.

Brian is a tremendous leader and visionary agent for the Kingdom of Christ and Ryan holds discipleship and caring for people so highly that it’s hard not to feel like his best friend when you meet him.

I will surely miss being part of the team, working and progressing with these guys and the other musicians and volunteers that helped make Cornerstone worship the amazing ministry that it is.

Love these guys. You can follow their blogs here: Brian WurzellRyan Axtell


And yes…Ryan will bash your door down with that keyboard if you don’t visit his blog.



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